Criw Celf Year 8
Printmaking workshop with Ruth Thomas on 18 April


Our Year 8 Criw Celf group worked with Ruth Thomas in Trefnant Village Hall and explored images of the beautiful Clwydian Ranges.

Each member produced several final printed pieces depicting landscapes overlaid with stencils of natural objects, and even second landscapes.  A selection of these beautiful images will be displayed in Loggerheads Country Park in July, when  youth members of NEW Dance will produce and perform a new dance piece inspired by the work of Criw Celf and by the Clwydian Ranges themselves. This year the Clwydian Range celebrates 30 years since it was designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Oil painting workshop with Catrin Webster on 8 May


Artist Catrin Webster led a masterclass in oil painting on 8 May, focusing on landscapes.  To tie in with the Clwydian Range celebrating its 30th anniversary as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty this year, the theme of the workshop was the Clwydian Range.

Each member of the group producing two oil paintings and an ink drawing of the ranges.  They also stretched their own canvases and produced some inspired work, some of which will be seen at Loggerheads Country Park in July. Dates to be confirmed soon.



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